Planning Your Survey

Our team of experienced geophysicist will plan, permit and tune the details of your next project

Acquiring Your Survey

Our skilled team of field geophysicist along with our in-house equipement will move anywhere in the world

Delivers Your Survey

Years of experience in seismic data processing will allow us to retrieve what's best in them

About Us

High Quality service is the DNA of GTG International

Whatever the size of your project, we will ensure that it receives the best. With decades of experience under its belt, GTGi and its many partners can adapt to all types of terrain and acquisition. From suburban areas to sand dunes, we always do our utmost for our customers.

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different types of sources, including multiple Mark IV, Mertz 22 and Nomad 65 vibrators.

STRYDE Nodal System

Efficiency and Quality

We use the compact and lightweight STRYDE nodal system, the smallest in the geophysics market. With wireless charging and data harvesting, the STRYDE node can continuously record for days. Apart from superior data quality, it surpasses competitors with operational advantages: requires 4 to 5 times fewer vehicles and personnel for transportation, can be transported and deployed with light vehicles, no receiver line cutting, minimal environmental impact, and a small footprint for discreet deployment. Our expertise enables simultaneous operation of multiple vibrators in a given area, minimizing acquisition time while ensuring maximum data quality.

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